Journey Inn
Our Dream Journey Inn, an eco-retreat, officially opened in June 2006, but was many years in the making.


The owners, John Huffaker and Charlene Torchia, met in 1992 and early on shared their dreams for a future that included personal visions of an ideal lifestyle and professional work environment. Charlene, a massage therapist and co-owner of a massage therapy business, envisioned the creation of a spa-like healing center where clients would experience a time of relaxation and renewal through bodywork and other services. Following sessions, they could rest and integrate the experience, instead of having to jump back into their daily world.  John, a Minnesota psychologist and practicing psychotherapist, had imagined a healing center in a beautiful natural setting that would employ a multi-disciplinary team of psychotherapists, body workers and others committed to a body-mind healing orientation.

John and Charlene eventually forged these dreams into a single vision that has evolved into Journey Inn, an eco-retreat and EarthSky BodyMind Center. Weaving together the elemental energies of earth, air, fire and water with the needs of body, mind, spirit and emotion, they have created healing environments that accommodate guests’ needs for rest, retreat and renewal.  


During the designing and building process, the two researched natural building, feng shui, and non-toxic materials. They spent seven years looking for a building site that would support a passive solar design and privacy while also developing local connections in the diverse and highly creative Lake Pepin community.  In 2003 they discovered their dream land and purchased its 66 acres of prairie, hilly woodland, and creek, working for three years with town, county and state officials on zoning and building issues. After finding  designers and work crews, John and Charlene were off on a yearlong journey of building their home and eco-retreat, which culminated in the grand opening July, 2006.


The final product of their dream, Journey Inn was created with an environmental, healthy-home focus.  It utilizes solar hot water collectors, an energy-efficient boiler and a soapstone woodstove to generate space heat and domestic hot water. Naturally cooled with cross-ventilation and ceiling fans, the inn also has a whole-house air conditioner standing by when needed. An air exchange system keeps the building freshly ventilated throughout the year.  Whenever possible, FSC wood was chosen for building materials, as were low-VOC caulks, adhesives, paints and stains. Natural earthen plasters and clay paints beautify the walls, creating an earthy, vital environment. 

The experience at Journey Inn is restful and revitalizing, combining elements of a B&B, retreat center and spa. Elegant simplicity, privacy and creature comforts make Journey Inn a unique destination to enjoy nature and reconnect with yourself and others.


John and Charlene hope that their dream supports yours, and that Journey Inn, an eco-retreat can be a renewing place for you as your personal journey unfolds.



Charlene Torchia & John Huffaker, Proprietors
W3671 200th Ave | Maiden Rock, WI 54750
Ph: 715.448.2424 | email: [email protected]