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Our body/mind center is an ideal setting to find new perspectives, renewal and healing. Once you arrive in our peaceful valley, we will welcome you and invite you to settle in and begin the journey that brought you here.

 EarthSky BodyMind Center Website

Click on our link above for EarthSky website and the following body/mind services:

Massage Therapy - Relax and let go, while you experience relief from tension and pain.  Our staff of massage therapists are all Wisconsin licensed.

Energy Therapy - This session, using oils, includes long flowing strokes, acupressure and other hands-on healing techniques, and focuses on the flow of energy in the body. It will promote deep relaxation and renewed energy.

Life Direction Coaching - Coaching is a process for identifying, clarifying and achieving a vision for your future, whether this be a career/vocation, your significant relationships and a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. 

The Passage Program
- John and Charlene will work with you to establish goals for your stay, and help you develop a body/mind plan that involves both life coaching and energy therapy sessions.  This work will provide support, encouragement and guidance. 

Solo and Couples Retreats - Enhance your relationship through Review and Renew or relax together on your Couples Spa Retreat, weekend experiences for you and your partner.

Group Retreats - scheduled throughout the year - Couples, Women's, Yoga

Yoga - Experience a group yoga class (4-6 people) or an individual session  to focus on developing your own yoga practice with Kristina Ahern, certified yoga instructor.

Japanese Soaking Tub - Come relax, rejuvenate and reflect.  Enjoy the Japanese Soaking Tub spa, a ritual practiced in Japan for centuries. Unlike a bath for cleansing, it is a relaxing, meditative experience, used to calm the spirit and restore vitality.




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