Journey Inn
Massage & Energy Work

Add a massage or energy therapy session to your overnight stay. No need to get up and go after your hour or more of pure relaxation. Your  session takes place in the nearby EarthSky BodyMind Center, where you can include a spa soak in our Japanese Soaking Tub. Let your body and mind unwind under the hands of experienced practitioners.

 Styles & Services

  • Relaxation Massage: medium-pressure, flowing massage
    60 minutes - $85,  90 minutes -$125

  • Deep Therapeutic Massage: therapeutically deep muscle massage to relieve chronically tight muscles - addresses problem areas.                   60 minutes - $85, 75 minutes - $105, 90 minutes -$125
  • 4Element Energy Therapy: a hands-on session that works with the energy flow in the body. Promotes awareness blockages and balance of body, mind, spirit and emotions. Self-care remedies of Earth, Air, Fire & Water are given after your 90-minute energy balancing session - $140
  • Energy Therapy: a hands-on session that includes long flowing strokes and acupressure, focusing on the flow of energy in the body. Promotes deep relaxation and renewed energy.
    60 minutes - $95
  • EarthSky Energy Spa: includes dry brushing for lymph circulation, full hot-towel treatment with aromatherapy, Hot Stone acupressure and hands-on energy flow treatment.                                                       
    90 minutes -  $145                                                                  (available at earthsky bodymind center only)                                                                            

* In room sessions at the Inn & Cottage are charged an additional $10.


* Massage therapists that practice at EarthSky BodyMind Center are Wisconsin Licensed.


* Pure aromatherapy essential oils can be added to your massage for an additional fee - $5 seasonal blend, $20 customized blend + bottle.


* Include a spa soak in the Japanese Soaking Tub before or after (additional charge, visit  EarthSky BodyMind Center  for details) 

To make an appointment, send an email or call Charlene at 715-448-2424.


Customized Spa Retreats

Bring a group of friends for a spa overnight or weekend. Receive a life-enhancing service - a massage, energy therapy, Japanese Soaking Tub   and more.....

The day can include: hiking, meditative labyrinth walks & rituals, resting in hammocks, bird watching, biking/snowshoeing, a bonfire, art projects

Create your own customized day (great for birthdays, showers, gifts of appreciation)

Available for groups of 4 or more.



Charlene Torchia & John Huffaker, Proprietors
W3671 200th Ave | Maiden Rock, WI 54750
Ph: 715.448.2424 | email: [email protected]